Sunday, January 9

Where Do We Go From Here ?

The Nountaineer

Our lives consist of the many desires, needs cares and disappointments that form who we are, especially during our formative years.

 After this we strive to understand who we are and what we should do with this life that we have been given by God. This is of course referring to those who believe in The God of Creation. Those who do not, lack the basic moorings necessary to achieve true joy and peace within their lifetimes. Very few that do not receive the Gift of Eternal Life when they are young, ever do so later in life. This unfortunately encompasses most of mankind. They have what is called a God shaped void within their soul that can only be filled by God Himself. People try to fill that spiritual void with every conceivable form of fulfillment including all things sinful which I will not try to enumerate at this time. Most people deep in their soul know what sin is. God has given all of us a conscience that tells us that something is wrong. After a person suppresses these pangs of conscience over and over, their conscience becomes calloused and are no longer sensitive to their God given inner warning system. That is the way it is and no one can force an adult person to do what is right nor should they, apart from the criminal justice system. All we can do is witness to them if they are open to our witness. If they are not open then we must set an example by  behaving  like a Christian should behave in their presence. We must pray for their eyes to be opened and see their need. It quite often takes crisis in a persons life to cause them to basically hit bottom so that the only direction left for them to look, is up! This can be the case in a believer's life who does not have their life focused on The Lord, so it is necessary for The Lord to send difficulty into our lives. We are all to often carried away by the issues of this life and the pleasures of this world. We must remember that we are in this world, but not of it!
As for those who are true believers, we are to direct our focus onto The Lord of our Salvation and try our best to please Him through obedience which is empowered by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. We need to seek His perfect will for our lives on an individual basis. We need to ask The LORD to reveal  how we are to use our Spiritual Gifts for the edification of the Body of Christ. Above all, we must stay in his word daily and treat it as our daily spiritual food. We need to feed our spirit on a daily basis just as we need to keep our body nourished daily.

What is your Gift or Gifts? How can we be sure what they are? It takes prayer and the study of God’s Word to discover our Gifts and then put them into practice.
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