Friday, November 18

Tongues / A Great Deception!

After more than 50 years as a believer, I have not seen a more dangerous deception from Satan than the Tongues Movement! It is normally the young and untaught Believer that will fall for this perversion of God's Word. Most who allow themselves to be drawn to these groups is the desire to be special, even better than others in some way. It is also likely supported by the Sin of Pride which is considered to be the worst sin of all because most sins are derived from or through Pride!
First, consider the fact that NO individual Spiritual Gift is possessed by every believer. There is no chapter in the Bible that supports such a belief that says that everyone should seek the Spiritual Gift of Tongues. All believers in Christ by Faith receive at least one "Gift" from the Holy Spirit at the time of Redemption. No individual has ALL of the Gifts of The Spirit and NO single Gift of the Spirit is given to ALL Believers!

I have heard two young women pray in so-called "Tongues" but they did nothing more than a lot of babbling. One of the women is my cousin. I am not at this time claiming that the gift of Tongues no longer exists, but I am saying that you need to be VERY careful about who you allow into your lives! These women were deceived! There are gifts given to believers according to the plan of God through His Holy Spirit but we are not in any way in control of which gift or gifts that we receive! It is solely a work of God in our lives! If you meet someone who is part of a group who believes that you are somehow not a Spirit filled Christian apart from the practice of Tongues then get as far away from that person as possible because they are themselves deceived or intentionally deceiving others!

Now, a little about myself. I started experiencing spiritual events at the age of 18 and at that time Satan appeared no further than two feet from my face. It was in a well-lit room and in the presence of my wife and younger sister. My sister saw Satan appear in front of me from across the room and was extremely frightened by what she saw happen to me. My wife saw nothing! It was late 2009 when she finally told me that she also saw Satan but had been too terrified to even talk to me about it. This was 37 years after the event happened! I saw demons when I was in my twenties, both awake and in my dreams. A demon tried to possess me near the top of Mount Diablo in California while camping. Demons are territorial and this was the demon that the Native Americans had worshipped on that small mountain for 5000 years, according to the sign at the very top of this mountain which I saw the following morning, after the event. I did not have any idea what Diablo meant until sometime later. I had no idea that I was camping on "Devil Mountain"! I have since learned that I have the "Gift" called "Discerning of Spirits" which allows me to recognise those who belong to Satan as well as "Tares" or false Christians in the "Body of Christ". It is a very difficult Gift and one that I would not have chosen if I had been given the choice!
Most people believe the truths of God's Word because it is empowered by the Holy Spirit for all Believers and I do as well. The difference is that I have first hand experience as well because I have lived many of the Truths contained in Bible. There is no reason to fear Satan if you are truly"BornAgain" because Satan has no power over you unless you allow it through deception or by practicing the forbidden arts which are the "Occult". Make sure that you know what God's Word really says by your own personal study and by sitting under the teaching of a Spirit filled Pastor.
I invite anyone who reads this to contact me with your questions.

Saturday, May 21

Judgement Day - Harold Camping

As many of you already know, both Christians and non-Christians alike, "Brother Camping" is just one more "Kook", out to set an un-set-able date to attract media attention primarily. I stumbled upon Harold Camping's radio program last year and marked the date on a scrap of paper and then found it about a month ago and transferred it to my current calendar as a reminder. Little did I know at the time, how much attention this old doom sayer would get. As a rather well-studied Christian, I knew immediately when I heard him the first time that this day would come and go as does any other day in our lives. The difficulty, is that this is just one more occasion for the secular media to have a field day at the expense of the Christian community's reputation! Hopefully, most people will understand that Camping is "just one more old fogey looking for publicity in his old age and should be "taken with a grain of salt".
Christ's return will indeed take place some day, first with the "catching away" (The Rapture) and then Christ's return to the Earth, at least 7 years later in Jerusalem on the "Mount of Olives", which will be the most spectacular event in human history! The Mount of Olives will" split in two", forming a valley in-between and many more incredible things will occur around that same time. I may delve into that subject at a later time.

Sunday, April 3

Beware Of Hyperinflation !

I wrote in a previous post about economic woes that had likely already begun but now it has become clear that hyperinflation caused by poor economic policy by the Federal Reserve is causing hyperinflation. Monetizing the national debt is creating an already poor economic situation to worsen. I am again asking my readers to read the "Red Alert" by Jerome Corsi who has a weekly newsletter from the World Net Daily website. There you will find a story with the topic "12 Signs of U.S. hyperinflation". I would like for you to read it and start preparing, that is if you have not already begun to do so. The previous story about U.S. or even "world" stagflation should have opened your eyes to our serious plight. I have been stocking up on dried goods for quite some time when the prices are favorable in airtight containers, but now is the time to prepare. I am sure that you have already noticed food prices going up in conjunction with rising fuel prices which is being caused by the ban on oil exploration by our president.

I am not receiving any compensation from Jerome Corsi or World Net Daily, in fact, they don't even know who I am. I simply want to warn anyone who is willing to read this to start preparing for hyperinflation and perhaps something much worse if they don't stop destroying our economy with poor monetary policy!

I normally write about the "Christian Faith" that I have given my life to studying but this subject affects Christians and non-Christians alike.Please go to and look for this story.

Wednesday, March 30

Mercury-NASA-First Image

The MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around the inner-most planet in our solar system has sent back the first ever image of this planet and is still sending data as you read this. NASA / Johns Hopkins University are responsible for this mission to explore the planet Mercury.

Monday, March 28

Supernova Remnant From a White Dwarf Star

Tycho, Supernova Remnant
This beautiful image is from the Chandra x-ray observatory of a supernova remnant within our own Milky Way galaxy. This is a very deep x-ray image with the color red representing low energy x-rays and the blue as high energy. This supernova remnant is from a White Dwarf Star leaving stripes in red that has never been seen before. This is a unique image from NASA that I thought you might enjoy. 

Sunday, March 20

Red Alert - U.S Headed For Economic Collapse

According to economist: John Williams from :"Shadow Government Statistics",The U.S  is headed for a Great Economic Collapse, on the outside, in 2014, if not already happening for the last 2 years, which are just the precursors. According to Williams, the Obama administration is about to repeat Jimmy Carters 1970's stagflation so get ready for the bumpy ride of a lifetime. It will be a "Global Economic Crisis" for you who are post Baby Boomer's, you will have never seen something like this before! There are strong indicators that it has already begun!
For the whole story, go to "Jerome Corsi's Red Alert" at:

Saturday, March 12

Eye Of Sauron-NASA

This is an image from NASA who's name, "Eye Of Sauron" is from 'The Lord of The Rings". It's proper name is NGC4151 and the latest space image from NASA as of 3-12-2011.
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