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Tongues / A Great Deception!

After more than 50 years as a believer, I have not seen a more dangerous deception from Satan than the Tongues Movement! It is normally the young and untaught Believer that will fall for this perversion of God's Word. Most who allow themselves to be drawn to these groups is the desire to be special, even better than others in some way. It is also likely supported by the Sin of Pride which is considered to be the worst sin of all because most sins are derived from or through Pride!
First, consider the fact that NO individual Spiritual Gift is possessed by every believer. There is no chapter in the Bible that supports such a belief that says that everyone should seek the Spiritual Gift of Tongues. All believers in Christ by Faith receive at least one "Gift" from the Holy Spirit at the time of Redemption. No individual has ALL of the Gifts of The Spirit and NO single Gift of the Spirit is given to ALL Believers!

I have heard two young women pray in so-called "Tongues" but they did nothing more than a lot of babbling. One of the women is my cousin. I am not at this time claiming that the gift of Tongues no longer exists, but I am saying that you need to be VERY careful about who you allow into your lives! These women were deceived! There are gifts given to believers according to the plan of God through His Holy Spirit but we are not in any way in control of which gift or gifts that we receive! It is solely a work of God in our lives! If you meet someone who is part of a group who believes that you are somehow not a Spirit filled Christian apart from the practice of Tongues then get as far away from that person as possible because they are themselves deceived or intentionally deceiving others!

Now, a little about myself. I started experiencing spiritual events at the age of 18 and at that time Satan appeared no further than two feet from my face. It was in a well-lit room and in the presence of my wife and younger sister. My sister saw Satan appear in front of me from across the room and was extremely frightened by what she saw happen to me. My wife saw nothing! It was late 2009 when she finally told me that she also saw Satan but had been too terrified to even talk to me about it. This was 37 years after the event happened! I saw demons when I was in my twenties, both awake and in my dreams. A demon tried to possess me near the top of Mount Diablo in California while camping. Demons are territorial and this was the demon that the Native Americans had worshipped on that small mountain for 5000 years, according to the sign at the very top of this mountain which I saw the following morning, after the event. I did not have any idea what Diablo meant until sometime later. I had no idea that I was camping on "Devil Mountain"! I have since learned that I have the "Gift" called "Discerning of Spirits" which allows me to recognise those who belong to Satan as well as "Tares" or false Christians in the "Body of Christ". It is a very difficult Gift and one that I would not have chosen if I had been given the choice!
Most people believe the truths of God's Word because it is empowered by the Holy Spirit for all Believers and I do as well. The difference is that I have first hand experience as well because I have lived many of the Truths contained in Bible. There is no reason to fear Satan if you are truly"BornAgain" because Satan has no power over you unless you allow it through deception or by practicing the forbidden arts which are the "Occult". Make sure that you know what God's Word really says by your own personal study and by sitting under the teaching of a Spirit filled Pastor.
I invite anyone who reads this to contact me with your questions.

Saturday, May 21

Judgement Day - Harold Camping

As many of you already know, both Christians and non-Christians alike, "Brother Camping" is just one more "Kook", out to set an un-set-able date to attract media attention primarily. I stumbled upon Harold Camping's radio program last year and marked the date on a scrap of paper and then found it about a month ago and transferred it to my current calendar as a reminder. Little did I know at the time, how much attention this old doom sayer would get. As a rather well-studied Christian, I knew immediately when I heard him the first time that this day would come and go as does any other day in our lives. The difficulty, is that this is just one more occasion for the secular media to have a field day at the expense of the Christian community's reputation! Hopefully, most people will understand that Camping is "just one more old fogey looking for publicity in his old age and should be "taken with a grain of salt".
Christ's return will indeed take place some day, first with the "catching away" (The Rapture) and then Christ's return to the Earth, at least 7 years later in Jerusalem on the "Mount of Olives", which will be the most spectacular event in human history! The Mount of Olives will" split in two", forming a valley in-between and many more incredible things will occur around that same time. I may delve into that subject at a later time.

Sunday, April 3

Beware Of Hyperinflation !

I wrote in a previous post about economic woes that had likely already begun but now it has become clear that hyperinflation caused by poor economic policy by the Federal Reserve is causing hyperinflation. Monetizing the national debt is creating an already poor economic situation to worsen. I am again asking my readers to read the "Red Alert" by Jerome Corsi who has a weekly newsletter from the World Net Daily website. There you will find a story with the topic "12 Signs of U.S. hyperinflation". I would like for you to read it and start preparing, that is if you have not already begun to do so. The previous story about U.S. or even "world" stagflation should have opened your eyes to our serious plight. I have been stocking up on dried goods for quite some time when the prices are favorable in airtight containers, but now is the time to prepare. I am sure that you have already noticed food prices going up in conjunction with rising fuel prices which is being caused by the ban on oil exploration by our president.

I am not receiving any compensation from Jerome Corsi or World Net Daily, in fact, they don't even know who I am. I simply want to warn anyone who is willing to read this to start preparing for hyperinflation and perhaps something much worse if they don't stop destroying our economy with poor monetary policy!

I normally write about the "Christian Faith" that I have given my life to studying but this subject affects Christians and non-Christians alike.Please go to and look for this story.

Wednesday, March 30

Mercury-NASA-First Image

The MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around the inner-most planet in our solar system has sent back the first ever image of this planet and is still sending data as you read this. NASA / Johns Hopkins University are responsible for this mission to explore the planet Mercury.

Monday, March 28

Supernova Remnant From a White Dwarf Star

Tycho, Supernova Remnant
This beautiful image is from the Chandra x-ray observatory of a supernova remnant within our own Milky Way galaxy. This is a very deep x-ray image with the color red representing low energy x-rays and the blue as high energy. This supernova remnant is from a White Dwarf Star leaving stripes in red that has never been seen before. This is a unique image from NASA that I thought you might enjoy. 

Sunday, March 20

Red Alert - U.S Headed For Economic Collapse

According to economist: John Williams from :"Shadow Government Statistics",The U.S  is headed for a Great Economic Collapse, on the outside, in 2014, if not already happening for the last 2 years, which are just the precursors. According to Williams, the Obama administration is about to repeat Jimmy Carters 1970's stagflation so get ready for the bumpy ride of a lifetime. It will be a "Global Economic Crisis" for you who are post Baby Boomer's, you will have never seen something like this before! There are strong indicators that it has already begun!
For the whole story, go to "Jerome Corsi's Red Alert" at:

Saturday, March 12

Eye Of Sauron-NASA

This is an image from NASA who's name, "Eye Of Sauron" is from 'The Lord of The Rings". It's proper name is NGC4151 and the latest space image from NASA as of 3-12-2011.
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Faith - Eternity - Past And Present Purpose Of Our Creator

The Nountaineer

 I would like to share some of what I have learned through great suffering in my past as well as present, including pain, hardship and faith that have served to strengthen my resolve  to find the purpose that our Creator has for my life.

Written within my posts and pages , you will find a very candid purpose in the sharing of my very unusual past that serves to shape all that is in me! I hope that you will take the time to carefully reflect on the meaning behind that which I have written. I am not very experienced at writing and have started relatively late in life so I ask you to have patience with me and look closely enough to truly glean the truths that I am striving to not only share with you but to actually teach you. I have been and am writing about the faith that has kept me on this path despite spiritual attacks that the Creator has allowed the enemy of mankind to burden me with. Those truths that may be difficult at first to comprehend, in time may bring timeless understanding that can change your life for Eternity! Therefore I ask you to ponder on the inner meaning and even be curious and bold enough to actually "ask me" to help you to understand. The answers may even lead you to "Eternal Life" with your Creator!

My past is represented by great pain, deprivation, all sorts of hardship and in the end, I have become stronger and better prepared for the trials that stand before me. My present purpose is to inform you about these trials, teach you about handling difficulty and inspiring you to look to your Creator for help in the midst of crisis.  I would not wish that which I have been through on an enemy yet it has served a purpose. I am not sure that I will ever be able  in this life to truly understand the purpose that God has in mind for all that I have been exposed to. I believe that God's purpose for allowing trials is to increase your faith and trust in Him. It has worked to do so in my life. He is also using our past and present to prepare "believers" for Heaven. I also believe that God's purpose for trials in an unbelievers life is to cause them to turn to Him through their past and present pain and struggles. He loves all of mankind and desires that we receive forgiveness for our sins through Faith in Jesus so that you also can spend all of Eternity with Him!

 I have shared in my writings things that I can not personally talk about with most people so this venue has given to me an opportunity to share things that I have had to keep to myself for decades. If even one person is directed to the knowledge that is necessary for "saving faith" then I must conclude that my sacrifices as well as my suffering has had a purpose, a very important purpose! Through my past and present struggles, which have been and still are very difficult, God has strengthend me greatly and taught me a great deal as well. We are all similar yet different so God has to work with each of us in different ways to accomplish similar goals for our lives. The main thing to keep in mind is that God loves you and that He is able to use bad things for His purposes and can use them for good in the end!

My collection of writings can be found through the list of blogs on the home page as well. I have similar content in these other blogs as well as some additional teachings not found here. I hope that you will search through all of my work and share it with others for the intent of my writings is to teach as well as introduce you to a loving Creator whose name is "I am", as well as many other names for his names are descriptive of his infinite qualities, characteristics and attributes that flow out of his love for mankind as well as His desire for you to have an eternal relationship with Him!

Thursday, March 10

Spiritual Warfare And The Church

The Nountaineer

The Spiritual Gifts from The Holy Spirit  are provided to believers when they receive Eternal Life through Faith in their LORD and Savior, Jesus The Messiah or The Word of God who set aside His Prerogative to remain seated on the Throne of Glory, at the Right Hand of The Father. He then Chose to be born a human being, who are created in the image of God. It was Love that caused Him to do this and pity for this vast sea of humanity who were like sheep without a Shepard, wandering to and fro without hope. Mankind had been cursed along with all of creation and without a sinless Savior to become the Final and most complete sacrifice, there was no hope for mankind. After Our LORD paid the Great Price for our salvation, He then returned to Glory and 10 days later He sent the promised Holy Spirit at the time of Pentecost which meant that Jerusalem was filled with those who chose to worship the God of the Jewish people. This was the beginning of the "Church" which is the body of Christ, Also known as the "Bride of Christ" who will someday be snatched away to meet The Lord in the air or upper atmosphere which is called the "Second Heaven". Actually, it could be anywhere, from where the clouds are to the outer atmosphere or "space".

Now back to the "Gifts of The Spirit". Each "true believer" receives at least one spiritual gift and these are available in the books of 1st Corinthians chapters 12, and 14, 1st Peter chapter 4, Ephesians chapter 4, Romans chapter 1, and of course in the book of Acts which describes the coming of The Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
Today is a time like no other in the history of the Earth. The battle is raging for the hearts, minds, and souls of our children. The enemy of all mankind has conceived all manner of traps, snares, and deceptions to keep or prevent as many human beings from knowing the Truth which is God's Truth and no other. The battle is on Earth yet the primary players are in another realm or dimension. This takes an incredible amount of "Spiritual Discernment" as well as caution when defending against an invisible enemy who hates all of humanity because we are created in the image of God and God is their primary enemy. That which makes it even more difficult to understand is that the battle has already been won by "The Word of God", when He died on the cross and paid the sin debt for all who will believe a simple yet astonishing truth. "We are "Saved By Faith". All other religions are in one form or another, "works based" in their understanding of what is "good" and what is needed for atonement, of one sort or another.
The description of this spiritual battle in the Bible has proven to be absolutely true. I know this from personal experience yet  it has taken decades for me to even begin to understand why I have seen and experienced all that I have. I finally turned to the Bible after God personally stepped into my life at the age of 30. There was a long interval where I was like a ship without a rudder because I received Christ as my Savior at the age of 6 and for a variety of reasons why,  it took a long time for me to look to "The Book" for some answers. I was under Satans attacks for most of my life through great suffering and this kept me from being the soldier in the battle that God had planned for my life! I am now in "The Word" daily and have been doing so as much as possible for more than 20 years. It is now like daily food that is every bit as important as food for the body. The better the nutrition for the body then the healthier will be the body, and it is the same for our soul and spirit! Without daily feeding on God's word, we become not only malnourished but leave ourselves open to attack by "the enemy". This does not mean that we are not attacked daily any way, it means that we are better prepared to resist the attacks. I have found that for me it is necessary to listen to the audio Bible daily if possible and also listen every evening to as many of my favorite Bible expositors as possible.  Since I live alone it is possible for me to spend most of my waking hours filling my mind with God's truths. It is something like an immunization. The enemy still tries to get a foot-hold in my life but when his attacks happen, I know why and do not turn and run but stand my ground, with the addition of spiritual armor from God and I can even use the LORD's offensive  weapon which is God's Word! The Spiritual Warfare today is raging as much as ever in our country and world and we all need to turn from these worldly persuits as much as possible and turn to The Holy Spirit of Christ to empower us with the filling of The Spirit and the strength to remove the worldliness from our lives so that we can focus on the truly important aspects of this battle. As long as we are distracted by the worldly things like television, sports, personal pursuits such as seeking the pleasures of this life then we are almost useless to the Lord's work that He has established for each of us personally. We are to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, and without that relationship then there is little evidence that we are even saved! The Bibe says that we are known by our fruits! These fruits are evidence of our spiritual condition! Are you really saved! If so then we need to show these fruits, first to our Lord in love, worship, praise, thankfulness and by truly adoring Him! If these "Fruits of The Spirit" are evident to the Lord then they will be evident to other "true believers" as well! Before we can truly fight this "spiritual battle", we need to get right with God and put on the "spiritual armor" of God that is enumerated in God's word.
 The Church today has gotten soft and we are not much of a threat to Satan!  A sure way of knowing that we are "right with God" and "In the battle" in a way that really counts is when we are under attack by Satan! If we are not a threat then Satan is going to focus his attacks on those who are truly a threat!  Are you suffering under Satanic attick? If not, then that is a sure sign that you are not in the battle, and possibly not even saved!

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The Working of The Holy Spirit Today Part 1 © 2009 D.D.B.

The Nountaineer

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1 John 4:20-21“Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.” Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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My story is both ordinary and extraordinary. I made poor decisions in the first half of my life and am still suffering from the consequences of those decisions. I hope that those who read this will be inspired to think carefully and make decisions that will be honoring to God and will glorify Him. The second half has been very difficult yet rewarding.

At the age of 30 years I was at a rather low point because of deteriorating health and I had reached a point where I could no longer hold a regular job. I was associated with a van customizing shop that had no business to speak of, but the owner allowed me to park a non operable camper van next to the building to sleep in and I manned the office for free allowing the owner to be a playboy in a country western band. It was around the holidays when his visiting uncle approached me about a vision that he had just received about me. This “vision” concept was very new to me because I had not been mentored by a mature Christian in my youth, yet I was willing to listen. He said that this”vision” thing was a semi-normal aspect of his life and it came with colors which told him to share it with me, similar to the colors on a stoplight. It also consisted of 3 numbers and he also gave me 3 airline tickets from Tucson to Baltimore which became available because the Lord had given one of the members of his party “heart problems'' to get me on that particular flight. The departure was in a day or two and I only had 8 dollars to my name. I prayed about it the night before the flight and the next day I felt reassured about it. Therefore I  felt that I had been given the peace that I needed to do something so daring. The next afternoon I was on my way with a sleeping bag, duffel bag and a down jacket. There were snow storms in the Baltimore area so I decided to disembark at the first stop which was at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. I immediately started hitch-hiking back to Tucson because it had already gotten dark. A series of sexual predators tried to pick me up at first near Ft. Worth but I recognized the threat and declined except for the third one who looked normal enough but after we were on our way he started making propositions that had me very worried that I might need to fight off this pervert. He soon took an exit and let me out. A few minutes later another vehicle stopped and took me an additional 75 miles and then just pulled over on the side of  Interstate 20 and said that this was as far as he was going. I thought that this was a little odd because there were no exits nearby. He just dropped me off and then kept driving. So I ended up in the middle of nowhere on I-20, 80 miles west of my starting point near Ft. Worth. It was 11 pm with no traffic in sight when I stopped so I climbed the side of I-20 to stop to sleep. I chose that spot because I saw an incredible shooting star which circumferenced the sky from south to north. I took it to be a signal that this was where I was to stop to sleep. I awoke at 3:15 am and it had clouded over so I suspected a change in the weather and started hitchhiking again. The third car stopped and off we went westward. The young man who picked me up had also seen the shooting star and stopped to sleep at the same time that I did. We drove for a few hours and then stopped for coffee. It was at that time that I felt inspired to show him the scrap of paper with the 3 numbers written on it. I  then pulled out my wallet, placed the piece of paper on the table and simply  asked him if this meant anything to him since he had earlier indicated that he had a very significant relationship with the Lord. He took one look and immediately said yes that it means “The Lord, Signs and Wonders and Double Signs and Wonders” I was not well versed in the Bible at that time yet accepted what he had just told me. The night before, The Lord said to him to start driving west but did not say why. Even though he was an electrical contractor and it was the middle of the week and he had a business to run, he was faithful to the Lords leading and started driving. I thank him greatly because this was the beginning of an incredible adventure that is still unfolding. He shared with me that the Lord had appeared to him on 3 previous occasions and spoke to him for about 30 minutes each time. Mathew chapter 5, verse 8 says that the pure of heart will see “God”. This is an example of this promise that the Lord made in His Word! I also remember asking him: what did The Lord look like? He gave a description similar to that which is written in the book of Revelation. We later stopped for lunch. After lunch, he said that this was as far as he would be going  and then I thanked him and we parted company. By this time, I was overjoyed. He offered me some money as I was walking away, toward the interstate which I declined saying  "I still have 8 dollars in my pocket, I'll be fine"! About a minute or so later I was standing again on the side of I-20, I looked up and thanked The Lord and said: I now know why I came on this trip, I am ready to go home. I stuck out my thumb and the 3rd vehicle stopped, I got in and he took me the full 750 remaining miles back to Tucson! Please make note of the multiple occurrences of "the number 3" which is a prominent number in the Bible! Numerology is an occult practice but we need to understand that Satan imitates and perverts all that God does!  Some examples are astrology which is also a perversion of what God has written in the heavens via the constellations that He created. The story of Salvation is written in the stars! Another example is the anti-Christ and Satan's unholy trinity which is another perversion of God's plans.

After some time had passed, I felt led to go and visit my father and see if it would be possible to repair a somewhat damaged relationship. After a few weeks of preparation for the trip back to my birthplace, I decided to take the mountainous route through northern New Mexico via Taos. It was Saturday evening and I felt like reading in the Old Testament. I opened and read 3 random passages and then went to bed. The next morning I went into Taos for breakfast and to see if they had a protestant church. The waitress said that there was one Bible Church so I finished in time for their worship service and that morning the pastor covered all three passages that the Lord had inspired me to read the night before! The Pastor and Elders of the Church asked if there were any that needed special prayer. I immediately went forward and asked for prayer for my father because of his immoral lifestyle so they anointed me with oil on the forehead and prayed for him. After Church, I prayed to see what the Lord would have me do next and I distinctively heard “The Still Small Voice” of the Holy Spirit say “Go Get Him”, referring to my father so off I went.
After arriving it became clear that my alcoholic father was not very interested in reconciling and things soon deteriorated. Shortly after arriving I asked The Lord a couple of questions. First I asked about an old friend’s family situation and what the Holy Spirit told me was proven to be true later that same day. That same afternoon I asked the Lord to heal me and again the “Still Small Voice” of the Holy Spirit said to me that “I was not ready to be healed”. That trip was very disappointing and was probably the cause of me being disinherited but there is no doubt that The Lord sent me on that mission for at least a couple of reasons: To confront my earthly father about the fact that he had totally and completely rejected the only salvation available through the shed blood of “Christ Jesus”, The Lord also wanted to show me that even today a person can be possessed by the Evil One which is something that I would have never wanted to believe about my own father. He was also preparing me for a spiritual battle that had already begun. One afternoon near the end of my visit my father began to become belligerent and started saying filthy things that caught me by surprise, then the strong feeling came over me that I was under Satanic attack. I began to feel terrible and said to my father that it was the alcohol talking so he responded: I don't care! Then I started walking slowly toward him and he began walking backwards away from me and then it struck me like a brick that my father was "possessed by Satan". I tried to shake off this thought, I didn't want to believe it and then the overwhelming sense that it was actually true overpowered me so I exclaimed: You are possessed by Satan! and that very instant, the Satanic attack ended and the most wonderful feeling came over me. By this time my father was backed up against a fence. I had never seen my father show any fear toward me but I now know that it was not me that he was afraid of, It was the Lord working through me that frightened the evil spirit that had control over him!

While back in Tucson now, I began to notice certain interests that my attention was turning toward that I had not previously had any  interest in. This manifested itself in a few different ways. First a young man asked me to travel on a service call to a small town to work on a cash register. Then he asked me to go with him on a winter camping trip to that same basic area with some local children from his apartment complex. These were for the most part fatherless kids that would not normally have a father figure influencing their lives. So even though it was winter I was willing to be a bit of an adventurist not just with a group of children but to also brave the bitter temperatures. It was because of these experiences in that particular area that helped me to decide later to choose an area near there to settle on and start looking for minerals and to file a mining claim which I still own today. There were other strange happenings that contributed to my decisions as well. I had no previous interest in prospecting, mining or precious metals and this same person also asked me to go into the Santa Catalina Mountains to look at some old abandoned  mine tunnels. A friend  recommended a mutual acquaintance who had a considerable amount of experience with mining and prospecting in Arizona, so I collected a number of topographical maps and asked this person to identify good places on these maps where I might begin my search. One of the maps included the same area where we went camping and I just knew that this particular canyon near there was the place where the Lord wanted me to start my search. Also, It seemed like signals were coming at me from different places as well. When I looked at the newspaper, on the front page in bold type it said "GOLD" because of a large gold discovery near Phoenix. Then I opened the Bible randomly and turned to a passage that mentioned "gold and silver". Then I looked at a television and it was an old western about gold mining, it was mind-boggling. The second day of January, 1987 I made my move and 5 days later I filed that mining claim which I still own. Soon afterwards the Miracles began!
The next installment is part two!

Smuggling- Drug and Human- In Southern Arizona

Heavy towing and recovery truckImage via Wikipedia
There was a 10 year period from 1987 to 1997 when I had personal interactions with the illegals coming into our country. Some were involved in human smuggling and others were traveling in small groups and they did not bring their contraband into my camp so I am not sure what their primary purpose was. One who came alone into my camp did speak English and said that they were lost and needed directions. He was in charge of this group and was being paid for his services, I am sure of it. After I told him what his choices were I asked if they had a container to carry water because it was getting hot and their route had no water along the way that I was sending them. He indicated that they needed a container so I turned my back and started toward my 17 foot travel trailer to get it. Something felt wrong and I am sure now that it was The Holy Spirit warning me so I turned my head to look behind me and he was about to jump me from behind! When he saw that I had caught him in the act, he stopped and I continued into my trailer to get what I needed.  Then I cautiously handed him the container. As he turned to go out to where he had left his companions, I said : "may God go with you". He then began cursing me in Spanish as he was walking away. I believe that one reason why he hesitated and did not follow through and jump me was that I was a little bigger than he was and he could  also see that I was no wimp. I had been hiking the sides of the canyon for years while working very hard and carrying heavy loads up and down the sides of the canyon! This is just one instance of what might happen while I was at my camp area.

 When I was away, while in town trying to find work, all too often they would come through and break-in and steal as mush as they could, to re-outfit themselves with as much as they could carry. It was tough because I would go back into the mountains with only enough gas, food and other supplies to last me a few days or longer and they would have stolen more than I had been able to obtain for myself. It was not easy being a Christian toward these criminals. After years of experience with this flow of illegals, I had pretty strong evidence that at least 80% were indeed criminals and would do whatever they needed to do to accomplish their goal. If they had not committed a crime before reaching their destination, it was because they did not have the opportunity to do so! I once out of desperation, asked a deputy : "what if I have to shoot one of them"? He said "bury him"! As a Christian, I could not do something that was illegal so I said : Wouldn't that be illegal"? Then he said "well, then you should report it". These are people who see first hand the kind of human trash that are coming across our southern border!

 I was once approached by a hunter during deer season who warned me about the bear and lion in the area and said that I should have a gun. He said this because I mentioned that the homemade walking stick that I was using was my only protection. It was made from a straight oak sapling that I had come across and had a bit of a club end on the bottom. I replied that because of my experience up there, it was the "two-legged" predetors that I was concerned about, not the "four legged". I had been growled at by both bear and lion while hiking around the area of my mining claim and the local wildlife by then had become somewhat used to me being there. In fact, It had to a certain degree, become "my territory".

On another occasion, a retired deputy sheriff said that he was coming up to visit but I forgot and needed to make a trip into Tucson, Arizona. When he arrived at my camp he spotted an illegal alien trying to hide himself across the canyon. When he saw that he had been spotted he got up and ran while carrying an aluminum type suitcase which probably had cocaine or heroin in it because the marijuana is normally wrapped with plastic and then again with burlap having bailing wire wrapped around it to be able to carry it. It would also have a rag wrapped around the wire to keep the wire from digging into their hands.

One day, I saw a twin-engine airplane dive into the canyon and then pull-up using full power to climb over the ridge on the other side of the canyon. He had a helper who dumped a big bail of what must have been marijuana out of the plane, then he circled around and did it again! As it turned out, the second time was to spot where the bail had landed so that they could mark it on a map. Right after he did it the second time, a military green twin-engine plane flew over following the same route while trying to catch the first plane! It had something that looked like a torpedo under the bottom of the plane. I think that it was either a radar unit or type of jamming device to possibly cripple the first plane with a pulse of energy. It was dispatched from Fort Huachuaca in Sierra Vista, Arizona where they have a special army base used for a variety of things including training foreign military units. They have an "Aerostat Balloon"which is on a cable that they winch up and back down in bad weather. It is loaded with electronic gear including radar. That is how they spotted the first plane.

The next day a Big Hertz/Penske moving van type of rental truck drove by me while heading up the canyon. I could not believe my eyes. What on Earth was that big diesel truck doing so far up in the mountains, I thought to my self? About an hour later two young Mexicans came into my camp to ask for help. They said that the truck was ready to fall off of the road into the canyon so they needed a ride into town. I had no money or gas to get back so I said that I would help if they had gas money for me. They said that they had no money so they were on there own, I could not help them. While we were talking, one mentioned that they had a "map" when I heard that, I said "you have a map"? He immediately stopped talking at that point because it was the "smugglers map" that he had! That night at around 8pm a big Kenworth conventional type semi-tow-truck stopped by my camp and the driver walked a little further up the road and then turned around and left. It was from a big towing company in Tucson. (The tow truck in the photo is similar to the Kenworth that I mentioned) This was on a Monday. That company tried most of the week to get that rental truck turned around and on Thursday it came driving by, all scratched up from the tree branches. It was a new truck when it went by the first time!  The next day just before sunset, a '75 Chevy pickup with two older Mexicans in it went up the canyon and just as it was getting dark they drove out of the canyon with a big bail covered with dark green plastic in the back of their truck. I took a hike up canyon about mid-week to have a look at the truck but I did not touch it. I thought that they might have had someone on the hill watching the situation. I was just a little curious.

 These are just a sampling of the kinds of things that happen down by the southern border. Now things have gotten much worse since the National Guard built barriers to keep smugglers in smaller vehicles from cutting the ranchers fences and just driving across the border! The big drug cartels are at war with each other over these routes since they are hauling these loads on foot with human mule trains carrying 40 pound packs on their backs and with an AK-47 in the front and another assault rifle at the rear of the mule train. They have their own cooks, satellite telephones and all of the gear that they needed. They rest during the day and travel at night with their dope. They have totally trashed these forest trails with trash multiple feet deep in certain areas! I have been warned by the local ranchers who know me to not go into the mountains where my mining claim is alone, even armed. I would be seriously out gunned! This is organized crime which is involved in all aspects of smuggling along with the Mexican government!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war and losing the battle! Those in power in our government know very well what is going on but because of the politics, they are doing very little about it! The only thing that these cartels are AFRAID of is the U.S. Military and the politicians will not use the resources that we have to stop this INVASION. Yes we are being invaded and there is nothing that the citizens can do except just sit back and watch our country going down the drain! We can also pray which is what we all need to be doing for our politicions as well as for the safety of those who are trying to do their jobs on and near the southern border!

Thursday, February 17

Satan-The Deceiver Of Mankind

The Nountaineer
It should be well-known in the Christian community that there is an impostor in our midst! His name is Satan which means "deceiver" which is amoung a number of other names that he has, but Satan is the one which I will focus on today. Satan wears many disguises and mimics many of the attributes and ways of God since he fell and was changed from Lucifer to Satan. It is my understanding, that this is true because since he "fell" he has always wanted to be like God and especially wants to be worshiped. The Occult consists of some of these perversions of the "Works Of  GOD". Dr. D. James Kennedy is the first person that I heard explain about how Satan perverted the "Story of Redemption" that is told in the constellations. This work of Dr. Kennedy is called "The Real Meaning of The Zodiac" which is available on CD and has a "Star Chart" of the constellations that is available at an additional charge. The circle of the constellations known as the zodiac, properly starts with the "virgin" or Virgo and proceeds around the elliptic telling the "Story of Redemption". This is but one of Satan's perversions!

Another one of his perversions is compared to what is called "numerology" in the occult. Within the Word of God are certain numbers that are used and repeated and only God knows and understands the true relationship between these numbers. Some of these numbers are : 40,12, 7, 9, 3, 4, 6, and others. I have done a personal study to try to understand the meaning of the numbers between 1 and 10 and have a simply superficial understanding or I should say belief of their basic meaning which I prefer to keep to myself.

There are many more ways that Satan has tried to pervert the plan of God through deception including the "unholy trinity" which will sometime in the future be played out. This includes the "anti-Christ, the false prophet, the beast, etc" which will be revealed after The Holy Spirit is taken out-of-the-way and since He is "The Restrainer" of evil, an incredible increase of evil will occur like has never been seen on Earth before that time!

Another form of deception that Satan uses is through the multitude of gods and religions that have existed throughout the millennia. This is used both as a method of providing confusion and also to fulfill his need and desire to be worshipped for there are demonic forces behind these false religions and gods. Satan works in these ways as an attempt to thwart the purposes of God but God always has the upper hand and works all things together for good, To The Glory Of God. You can be confident that God will always have His Way!

If any of you doubt the supernatural teachings in the Bible then you need to know that God has given to me the spiritual gift called "Discerning of Spirits" and I, as well as my sister, saw Satan appear right in front of my face one evening when I was 18. My wife was also in the well lighted room but she saw nothing. Satan became who he is when sin was found in him by God and he was cast out of Heaven. It was then that he lost his title as Lucifer and became Satan. Names in the Bible are descriptive and Satan means "deceiver" for he is the deceiver of mankind! When Lucifer fell and became Satan , he also went from being the most beautiful and powerful in all of God's creation to the most hideous in all of creation! He is still able to appear as an angel of light from time to time but when he appeared in front of me, his appearance was beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend! Hollywood has never even come close to portraying Satan as he really is!

Friday, January 28

The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God, Even If NASA Refuses to Recognize It !!!

The Hubble Telescope has just found a candidate for the oldest and furthest away galaxy, they think, because it has not been fully confirmed. The previous record holder was thought to be 480 million years after the so called :big bang". This galaxy find is estimated to be 150 million years older than the other galaxy. This new find is estimated to be 13.2 billion years old as compared to the estimated 13.7 billion years, age of the universe itself. These seem to be part of an educated guess system, that can never be proven but it gives these egg heads something to do to earn their huge salaries. Never the less, it is an interesting find as long as it does not turn out to be some kind of cosmic belch left behind after their so-called theory of the big bang. Based on this theoretically unproven guess as to the origination of "The Creation" of the universe itself, their scientific papers that they publish do at times make for interesting fictional reading.
The image was not made available through the normal NASA Image release process because the image was not much to look at, as I discovered when I did a follow -up on their Hubble main page.
By : The Nountaineer

Friday, January 14

The Working of The Holy Spirit Today (Part 3) © 2009 D.D.B.

The Nountaineer

John 8:31-32“[Dispute Over Whose Children Jesus’ Opponents Are] To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.””

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1 John 4:20-21“Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”

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The first year was the most exciting and perhaps one of the most frustrating years of the 10 years of life in the National Forest. Despite the miraculous events that led me up there and the wonderful and miraculous events that happened after my arrival, the first year was filled with my faithful searching for the purpose for me being up there. I worked myself harder than any Earthly employer could ever motivate me to work especially since I was plagued with pain and suffering and not just physical. Toward the end of the first year I had searched for everything that I could think of and was convinced that there was no gold in the streambed so placer mining was eliminated at least for gold and silver. The hard dry dirt on the hill sides was incredibly difficult to dig in and I was worn out. I pleaded for The Lord to direct me and he finally did in a very unexpected way. The weather was warm one cloudless afternoon. I had been resting and reading the Bible and at about 5pm I stopped and decided to walk out of my trailer and when I did and looked up I saw another “Sign”. “Within the canyon”, I saw above me a cloud that was in the shape of the right hand of “God”. Again, this was a cloudless day. I also had these little sparkles flying around in front of my eyes. I had no idea what the sparkles represented but I suspect that it is the stuff that “Angels” are made of. While I was staring at this hand shaped cloud another small cloud came out of nowhere and quickly impacted the hand at the wrist. This hand was pointing across the canyon from my camp area at a particular outcrop of ground. After some serious thought I decided that It meant that I was to impact or ‘Dig” where the “hand” was pointing so I did just that. I had previously learned that I was to look for soft areas that for one reason were easier to dig in and were more likely to be mineralized ground. I started digging along a “Fault Line” as it turned out which is a good starting point. I eventually dug about 25 feet into the side of the canyon. It took a few years of off and on digging before the soft and fractured dirt and rock became too hard to tunnel into by hand with a pick and shovel and hammer and chisel. Over time, the outer fractured rock shifts downward etc. so it was necessary to go in as far as I could to determine the “Strike” or direction of the fault and mineralized zone. After I made that determination, I followed the strike direction up the side of the canyon and found a rich out crop of “Silver”. Unfortunately the silver is in a form that has to be “Smelted” so I can not just fill up buckets and go and sell it. I have to wait until I can mine it on a larger scale and ship it to a smelter.
There were other unusual sightings and happenings that are a little more difficult to describe. During the first year, I had some “Dreams” that were very incredible and are still yet to be unveiled. One of these dreams leads me to believe that the “Double Signs and Wonders” part of the original “Prophetic Vision” is still yet to be revealed. The “Double” aspect reminds me of Elisha’s request that He would be given a double portion of the “Spirit” that Elijah had been given by “The Lord”. The most incredible dream had me standing at the edge of my camp at night. It was about 15 to 20 feet from that point down to the streambed. I was standing and watching a “blue column of energy” that was horizontal to and just above the streambed. This blue column of energy was vaporizing a tunnel through the bedrock that is below the camp area where I was standing. I had previously found a mineralized vein structure on the opposite side of the canyon from my other silver discovery. This vein structure did not have much value at the surface. After this dream I realized that the vaporized tunnel in my dream was heading directly toward this other mineralized vein structure which gives me hope that it has rich ore at a deeper level. Another very unusual dream had me in a factory setting where I had just been hired. My supervisor or employer and I were walking down a hallway toward a work area when I was given my job description. I was told that I was to “Talk and Make Circumference”. This also gave me much to consider. I assume the “Talk” means that I am to share what The Lord is doing in my life and the “Make Circumference” means that I am to keep going around in “circles” until I am directed to do something different and I am still waiting!
My life continued with the normal hardships associated with such a commitment until one day, out of frustration I asked the Lord “Where is It”? Then I again heard the “Still Small voice of The Lord” say: “You Have Already Found It”! I had been searching for something that I could sell and provide at least a small income to sustain myself and up until that point , I still had not found what I had been looking for, an income so when I heard The Lord say this a great anger welled up inside me because if I had already found that which The Lord wanted me to find, It did not include something that I could “Sell”. Eight and a half years of great hardship had passed without that which I could truly call “Success”. It was a terrible disappointment so I asked the Lord: what do you mean by “You have already found it”? I was very angry when I asked this and He didn’t  answer. This left me with a great dilemma. What do I do now? Since the original “Leading” was for “Gold and Silver” and I had only found “Silver” I started looking for gold in another area that I had previously found a small amount of this elusive metal. I had also applied for Social Security with the help of “Legal Aid” knowing that I needed a regular income. I had gone for many years without government help but after my weight dropped to a point that I had not sustained since I was a teenager, it was now unavoidable. Because of my faith and trust in God I was not willing to steal or commit other dishonest acts.
I found a well near the area where I had previously found a little gold so I started working on building a gasoline powered pump. A man in town had his own machine shop and was willing to help me convert an old electric well pump into a gasoline powered one. I eventually scavenged an old engine that was repairable and had the pump that I needed. The most difficult part of extracting gold in desert regions is the necessity of and difficulty finding water to process the dirt and extract the gold. I also needed water for everyday uses as well. It was in this area that I spent the majority of the remaining time prior to finally being accepted into the Social Security program known as “SSI” which is the smallest income that Social Security pays out! I found out later that it is necessary to file for “Disability” within 7 years from the time that you become “disabled” to qualify for “SSDI” which pays much more than “SSI”. I simply waited too long! The whole process including appeals takes a couple of years to finally get approved and get your first check. I worked in that area processing small amounts of gold until the back breaking work that is required was just too much while receiving too little for my efforts! My best day provided about $10. of gold and then it would be necessary to be flat on my back for days to recover from the damage to myself that it caused.
I eventually hooked up with a man who was trying to run a rock shop and I was allowed to stay there in exchange for my help. I had to learn to repair lawn mowers, washers, dryers and just about anything else that I was asked to do to earn a little spending money. I had previously been trained at a Community College in a “conditioned air program “ which gave me the background necessary to become a heating and refrigeration mechanic. I was able to take the diagnostic training and general ability and apply these to other areas of repair work. Refrigeration work can be heavy and even back breaking work when working on rooftop units. This is the type of work that I did previously. I was eventually able to start receiving a regular “SSI” check which was a lifesaver that enabled me to rent a shack like structure in town to live in. After all those years in a small travel trailer, moving into a shack was a welcomed improvement. I was paid from the time that I first applied for Social Security which meant that my first check was a fairly large amount of money. It was enough to purchase a well used Skid Steer Loader. It was like a “Bobcat Loader” except a different brand that I preferred. I wanted something that I could eventually use in a small mining operation. I continued to save my extra money until I could find a newer version which I now have and am waiting to put into operation mining my discoveries.
I will add more as The Lord leads me!

The Working of The Holy Spirit Today ( Part 2 ) © 2009 D.D.B.

                                                                    The Nountaineer

John 8:31-32“[Dispute Over Whose Children Jesus’ Opponents Are] To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.””

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When I chose to make such an adventurous decision it was solely based on my belief that God was directing the events of my life, fully. All that was required of me was to be faithful to the leading of The Holy Spirit. I had saved about $500 prior to my life changing decision to move into the National Forest and start looking for mineral deposits. I did not do any research other than that which I described previously which was to gather and study some topographical maps. I had no experience to speak of. I had never even learned to pan for gold. I basically didn't even know what I was looking for. All that I knew is that it had something to do with "silver and gold". I found out that there was an assay office in Tucson so every vein structure that I found, I took fairly large samples of them all and started making trips to the assay office and wasted all of the money that I had saved on worthless rock samples! Well I suppose it wasn't a total waste, It was a relatively inexpensive lesson in mineralogy and prospecting 101 as compared to what other people spend at the universities. So very quickly, my money was GONE. What do I do now? I did not know anyone in the nearest town which was about an hour and a half drive on a very bad mountain road. I had never lived in a small town and I had never been very aggressive when it came to approaching people and selling myself. In fact I had been for the most part a loner. Getting acquainted was no small chore for me. I finally met a very nice older man who did not have much money but was willing to help me if he could. He had a residence next door that was used for storage which he allowed me to open up a small area where I could roll out a sleeping bag and  look for an odd job from time to time. In the early years I lived on as little as $200 per year! Thanks to an occasional food box and commodities that were available at that time which included flour, corn meal, powered milk and some Velveeta type cheese once in a while, life was sustainable although living on bread and water was often the main meal. Let’s face it that when you are hungry bread and water is ok especially after periods of weeks with little or no food!
Because of chronic pain it was necessary to force myself to hike the sides of the canyon searching for mineralization almost daily carrying a heavy pack, pick and shovel , hammer and chisel and other implements of destruction. I soon learned that a couple hundred people over the last couple hundred years had already gone over these areas and found the easy to find deposits. Therefore I knew that I would need to work harder than most everyone else if I was to have even a slight chance of finding anything of considerable value. I had no medical care insurance and did not want to go on the government dole so I suffered as long as possible until I couldn’t take the suffering any longer so I then went to the county and applied for AHCCCS which is Arizona’s version of Medicaid.
One of the first miracles happened during the second month which was February 1987. I had a flimsy dome tent set up on my claim which I would stay in for as much as 5 to 7 days at a time to save fuel and one night it snowed about an inch. The next day I was working in the icy cold stream trying to learn to pan and se if there was any gold. It was cold,cloudy,windy and just plain miserable. I was in my sleeping bag trying to get warm at about 4:30pm and had decided to stay one more night before going back to my travel trailer. Then the “Wind” slapped my tent twice and an angry sounding voice said “Is That Plain Enough For You?” Well, That most certainly got my attention! Then “He” said: “It Is Going To Get a Lot Worse Tonight!” I immediately grabbed my back pack, jumped into my 1966 Chevelle and drove straight to my trailer for safety. That night , it snowed 2.5 feet of wet heavy snow which flattened my camp including my tent and broke limbs off of most of the oak trees in the forest. It provided fire wood for me for a couple of years thereafter. I know that I would have been trapped in my tent and died of hypothermia had I not been forewarned. I had previously wondered about “Guardian Angels” and now I am pretty sure that I have one! The following year, a similar storm hit in February leaving 2 feet of snow. I was more prepared for that storm.
Among the normal hardships was the problem of Illegal Immigration and Human and Drug Smuggling. My general area was a favorite route for one or more of the  Drug Cartels. I even witnessed a twin engine plane make a drug drop up canyon from my Claim. I did not have a cell phone to alert anyone and limited gasoline so all I could do was watch this drama unfold. It was a Monday morning when it happened and after the drop, the plane came around a second time and dove again into the canyon to spot where it landed and mark it on a map. Right after the second time that it flew into the canyon a military green twin engine plane flew over and turned following the first plane. this was obviously an aircraft designed to chase after smugglers that fly into our airspace and are tracked by the Aerostat Balloon located at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. This plane had twin tails and something under the plane that looked like a torpedo. It was a radar unit or some kind of jamming device that the military uses.  Later a large Hertz/Penske diesel moving van drove by on its way up this canyon. I was totally amazed due to the size of the truck and that some crazy person had driven it so far into the wilderness on bad mountain roads. No more than an hour later two young Mexican males came to my camp claiming that the truck was stuck and in danger of falling off the road into the canyon. They asked me for a ride into town to get help so I told them that I would but I would need money for gas since I neither had money nor enough gas in my vehicle to return to my claim. They said that they didn’t have any money for gas so I was not able to help them. You need a credit card to rent something like that so it was evident that they had driven up there for someone else for the purpose of collecting the dope. While I was speaking with them one mentioned that they had a map and I said ; OH, you have a map? They immediately clamed-up. The map was apparently given to them by the smugglers. That evening a full sized Kenworth Conventional tow truck from a large towing co. in Tucson arrived at my camp. The driver stopped, left the engine running and walked up canyon a short distance then came back, turned around and left. He was smart enough not to make the same mistake as the 2 Mexicans. This drama continued until Thursday when they finally got that big truck turned around. As they drove by I could see that the truck was all scratched up from the tree branches. The next day was Friday and shortly before dark two older Mexicans drove up canyon and less than an hour later they drove out of the canyon with a large bail of dope in the back of their 1975 Chevy pick-up wrapped in dark plastic. The irony of this is that at no time did any law enforcement get involved except for that second airplane. The first plane probably got away, back into Mexico. The second plane did not have time to intercept the first plane. The smugglers not only steel vehicles and take them into Mexico for use in drug and human smuggling, they also are so bold as to walk onto small airports and steel airplanes. This very thing happened at a small airport near Marana, Arizona. These smugglers also semi – regularly outfitted themselves at my expense by raiding my camp and trailer to steal whatever that they needed and would leave their old trash which revealed who had done it. Some lowlife locals also did such things but would take everything in sight. This would usually happen while I was away looking for work and supplies. I often lost much more than I could possibly gain! Times like this made giving up a consideration but I had a calling that kept me on the job.
During the first year I was both cursed and blessed and if not for the blessings, I would have vacated the area shortly after I arrived. In the early spring another “Sign or Wonder” This one fell into the category of '”Mind Boggling”and is still not easy to understand. The general area is a Birders playground. One very special species had a two part song, a very pretty song indeed. I found that when I heard the first part of the song, that was my signal to listen closely. The second part of the song went like this: “This is David……” This bird was introducing me to all of Gods Creation. I swear that this is absolutely true! I had a man and wife who were friends who would visit in Tucson to shower and rest etc. They told me that I had been in the forest Too Long. Later they came up for the weekend and the husband and I were in the camp area when I heard the first portion of this birds song so I immediately said: Listen! and He Heard IT. He immediately named the bird after me. I heard the same bird in later years but the song had changed.
To help me get around the canyon, I found an oak sapling that with some work made a heavy duty walking stick. It  had a bit of a club end that I felt could be used for protection if needed since I did not have a gun. It was necessary since I had not only two legged predators to deal with but also four legged predators including Black Bear and Mountain Lion. The local ranch that had the grazing rights for that part of the Forest had a cowboy that would ride his horse into the high country looking for wild cows that had not been branded. He kept a running count (estimate) of the Bear and Lion and told me that there were two 500 pound red cross breed Black Bears that would stand about 8 feet tall. They had a hump between their shoulders similar to a Brown Bear (Grizzly). I found an occasional Huge pile of “scat” that had to come from one of these huge bear. I have been growled at by both Bear and Lion while hiking around my general area. I saw a couple Lion on my claim but never saw a bear face to face. The time that the Bear growled at me, I was hiking away from my camp along an old mining road when I heard a long low growl behind me. It was a fairly heavily forested area and the Bear was in hiding when I walked by it. It was during the summer rainy season and after I heard the growl I said to the Lord: Is this my fate that I am to be eaten by a bear? I immediately heard thunder in the distance! It was a very eerie experience. I continued on my hike and took a different route back to my camp, just in case it was still in the area. I did not see any sense in pressing my luck! One morning I heard a female lion in heat screaming for a mate. It lasted for 3 hours! The lion was only about 100 yards away or less. I desperately wanted to go up and see that lion but I restrained myself. The lion wasn’t in a very good mood and would  not have appreciated my presence. I awoke one morning in my travel trailer at about 4am which I was finally able to have towed up to my claim and lit an old fashioned Gas Light. After I did this I turned to the window and looked into the blackness of the night and heard a large animal run away. This was not a hoofed animal, I could tell by the sound so it had to be a bear that was standing and looking in my window. I didn’t think that I was that frightening but apparently to the Bear I was. There was at least one other occasion when a bear came snooping around my trailer around 10:00 pm and knocked over some metal items that were stacked  next to the rear and the noise spooked it and I heard it run away through the dry leaves behind the trailer.
Digging with a pick and shovel was the normal routine and one day I noticed that there was a female Arizona Grey Tree Squirrel 15 feet away in the shade of a nearby mesquite tree. It struck me as unusual because swinging a pick and throwing shovels of dirt out would normally scare off animals. Over a period of about a year and a half, this particular squirrel had taken a liking toward me. I had never befriended a wild animal before so since I was all alone up there this interested me greatly. I began to put out a jar lid with corn meal in it next to my trailer. Not long after the squirrel became accustomed to feeding out of the jar lid I reached down and tried to pet or scratch the animal while it was eating and it not only let me scratch it, it would lean toward my hand to get me to scratch even harder. But then the next time when I leaned down the squirrel would run about 6 or 8 feet away and wait for me to move back to my original position then it would return to the food. I could not understand why it would let me scratch it one day and then not let me the next time. Then one day while I leaning down to scratch it, I saw something with my peripheral vision under my trailer and I had the answer. There was standing another identical female squirrel that was waiting for it’s turn to eat. One day I was sitting in a folding chair and put the food lid on my leg and the squirrel jumped up on my leg but I must have flinched because it then jumped back down and with its’ front paws outstretched stood and waited for me to give it back the food and it grabbed the lid as I was returning it to the ground. Another day I had a piece of carrot which it simply loved and obviously never forgot because weeks later, I was squatting about twenty feet away from the trailer and its’ food dish when the squirrel came running toward me and away from its’ Full food dish and bit my middle finger hard and then ran back to its food and just stood there looking at me. I yelled out a loud “OW” when it happened which did not seem to affect it, it had a message to send and did it quite well. A moment later I realized what had happened. That was the only way that this animal had to tell me that it wanted more carrot. A carrot is sweeter than anything that this squirrel had ever eaten!
The first years were somewhat eventful, they included experiences that ranged from abnormal sightings to the supernatural. I spotted a family of 3 Golden Eagles in the area. the first sighting was the adult pair with a yearling. The yearling had white feathers under its’ wings at the elbows. I saw what I believe to be the same trio the next year and those white feathers were gone. Sometime later that year this trio was up to mischief. I heard some commotion on the west side of the canyon and when I looked up I saw these Eagles trying to take a relatively small fawn. The mother was running back and forth trying to intervene and save its offspring from these local predators. they finally ran under an oak tree which was enough to discourage their attempts. On another occasion, I was hiking up a side canyon on the east side of the main canyon. This side canyon had steep sides and was more heavily forested than the west side of the main canyon. As i was coming up to an area that leveled of and opened up a little wider, there in front of me was a Golden Eagle which had just killed a large bird and had started to pull off the breast feathers after removing its’ head. When it saw me it immediately took off directly toward me. I was for a moment staring face to face with one of the meanest looking birds and I did the only thing that I could do which was to immediately drop to my knees and duck down to avoid having my face full of an irritated Golden Eagle. It was only capable of taking off downhill which meant it had no choice but to fly directly toward me. Living full time in the forest gave me the opportunity to see and experience things that the normal human being would Never see!
The next  Installment is coming soon

Tuesday, January 11

The Holy Spirit Today and Spiritual Gifting

,1 Peter 1:15-16“But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.””

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Isaiah 1:16-17“Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

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This is my attempt to share the very unusual life occurrences that The GOD of our universe has so graciously allowed me to experience, even great pain! I will also try to share what HE has taught me through my pain and study of HIM.

   Through years of intense study on my own as well as with some of the best Bible teachers available online as well as over the radio, I have come to the stark realization that I have been "Spiritually Gifted" with the "Gift" of "Spiritual Discernment" which is more properly called "Discerning Of Spirits". It is the only way to explain all of the spiritual/supernatural things that I have seen including demons and the Devil himself. I do not seek to have these experiences but I now know that The LORD has allowed these events or realizations, for the lack of a better way of describing what has happened to me, to prepare me for a great task that He has already begun. I am still only beginning to understand what that task is. After decades of spiritual oppression with Satanic attacks through wicked people, in my dreams and in ways that I still do not fully comprehend, GOD has been preparing me for an even greater battle ahead. The LORD has also made great promises to me many years ago, otherwise I would not have had the strength to continue with the great suffering and mind boggling events that I have endured. I am a great threat to the Adversary who is the Devil otherwise he would not be so interested in harming me. This has encompassed the first half of my life to toughen me up for the later stages in my life.

The later stages began at the age of 30 in a very unusual way. It has been an even more challenging set of circumstances than the first half of my life and even harder to describe, although I will try my best to inspire you to believe even unto "Eternal Salvation" if at all possible.

      “The Body of Christ” has many parts similar to the human body and and to a certain degree “Spiritual Gifts” correspond to the parts of the body such as the head for example, has two eyes, two ears, a mouth, nose and the nose has two nasal passages. I can not say how far this comparison is extended to the various gifts but we at least have more visible gifts such as the eyes for seeing. Therefore we have outward gifts such as the eyes and inward gifts that are not visible but are every bit as important as the visible gifts when it comes to sustaining the body. An example of an inward or inner gift might be compared to the liver which works quietly yet the body can not operate without it! I have a type of “Spiritual Sight” that needs to work in conjunction with the rest of the”Body of Christ”

After years of great hardship, both physically and psychologically, The Lord stepped into my life by sending an elderly man who I had just met a couple of days earlier. It was in the evening at a van customizing shop that virtually had no business and an owner who preferred to develop his country western band instead of his business. This was his uncle. I manned the office in exchange for a place to plug-in my camper van and a place to sleep. His uncle presented himself with the exclamation that he had just had a "vision" about me personally. Even though I had been a believer in The LORD since I was 6 years old, I had not become grounded in the teachings of the Bible therefore I was quite untaught at that time. Life had been too intense and I had not found anyone to mentor me from a Biblical point of view. This elderly man said that this, as well as previous visions that he had received included colors similar to a stop light, red, yellow and green which told him whether or not to share the vision. His vision about me was green which told him to share it with me. It simply consisted of three numbers, 7, 9, and 18, as I recall. He also gave to me 3 airline tickets that were for a flight that was departing in a day or two. God had basically given one of the members of his group of 3 people heart problems so that they could not fly back to Baltimore leaving them with the second half of three round trip tickets. I had to make a decision to trust God with this because it was around the holidays and the destination was Baltimore from Tucson and I was broke except for 8 dollars. I prayed about it and then on the next afternoon, I was on my way even though there were blizzard conditions in the Northeast USA and I would be hitch-hiking back. Thankfully, the plane landed at the Dallas / Fort Worth airport for a brief layover. I decided that it would be best for me to start hitch-hiking back from there.
This was the beginning of my choice to start trusting my LORD and Savior in a big way. I did not really have many other choices available and it was time for me to start to follow Him where-ever he led me by faith! IT was because of this major choice that made me become a major target for the adversary (Satan) and he has been relentless except for periods where he tried to get me to let my guard down. My thirst to study the Bible has been ever increasing since then! Great pain and suffering has had a way of  forcing me to focus on Him as well. It has been this great increase in Bible study that has helped me to understand that all of these spiritual encounters were directly related to "Spiritual Gifts" that The LORD has given to me and in particular "Spiritual Discernment". I have seen spirits without human bodies and have learned to recognized those people who are controlled or have allowed themselves to become influenced in a variety of ways. There are certain traits or  characteristics that I will notice after getting to know a particular person. The Devil and his minions are very deceptive so a person and especially someone who is a "believer" needs to be very careful who they allow into their lives.   

There are a number of other "Gifts" that are enumerated in the New Testament. These can be found in 1st Corinthians chapters 12 and 14, 1st Peter chapter 4 and Ephesians Chapter 4. and of course the book of Acts. You can glean other information about the working of the Holy Spirit throughout the bible. It is the Holy Spirit who primarily works within us and "Gifts" us as he sees fit for the edification of the Body of Christ.
I am not prepared at this time to delve into the other "Gifts" in detail because there is still much discussion and many differences in opinion concerning which gifts are still active today and even whether we can have more than one spiritual gift per person. There is one thing that I do know from personal experience and that concerns "tongues". There are "Cults" who specialize in tongues as well as the Occult and this is straight from Satan who's people also do this kind of "babble" which is dangerously deceptive. Mediums or those in the "New Age Movement” dabble with the spirit world in ways that are not at all New”, but actually have rehashed those same occultists traditions including contacting the dead, or so they think! If any true spiritual contact is made, it is made with demons who masquerade as deceased souls! People such as Shirley McLane have their “spirit guides” who do a variety of things such as perform tasks like  possibly to try to manipulate an adversary for them. My ex-neighbor bragged to me about how her spirit guide caused her employer to change his attitude toward her because she expected to be fired soon. This woman was very deceitful and also pretended to be a Christian and said that she was saved at a Benny Hinn healing service or what ever he called what he did. ABC had done an investigative report on Benny Hinn and followed up on those who were so-called  divinely healed. It is my understanding that ABC exposed him as a fraud. This woman was a deceiver and had previously admitted to being neurotic and  proved to be even worse than that.
There are  many in the "Church" that are planted by Satan. They are known as "Tares" or false believers who pretend to be "Saved" but are not!  To be fair, they may very well believe that they are true Christians but do not understand what is truly necessary for their salvation to take place.They lack the true humility and willingness to admit that their condition is hopeless apart from the Great Work that Christ accomplished on the cross, dying a horrible death as the final sacrifice for our sins and the sins of the whole world. Our works are like filthy rags in the sight of God for we are sinful and no good thing can be presented before The Lord of all creation because we and our so called good works are defiled because we are sinful. Read the prophet Isaiah to confirm these things. 
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  Feel free to guess what my little friend is and where it can be found. Feel free to ask questions about me, if you like, as long as they are not too personal. I invite questions about The LORD and supernatural events in my life as well as your own. I am not in to chatting but new friends are welcome to introduce themselves and I may reply. While you are waiting for posts, you might go here: http://

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Arizona, United States
I am amazed by all of God's Creation but dismayed by all of the evil that has corrupted it ! I have seen God's hand at work in my life and because I am actively seeking His will, I am also a target for Satan's attacks and have been attacked for decades! I am willing to share as much as I can to those who are honestly seeking the Truth
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