Sunday, April 3

Beware Of Hyperinflation !

I wrote in a previous post about economic woes that had likely already begun but now it has become clear that hyperinflation caused by poor economic policy by the Federal Reserve is causing hyperinflation. Monetizing the national debt is creating an already poor economic situation to worsen. I am again asking my readers to read the "Red Alert" by Jerome Corsi who has a weekly newsletter from the World Net Daily website. There you will find a story with the topic "12 Signs of U.S. hyperinflation". I would like for you to read it and start preparing, that is if you have not already begun to do so. The previous story about U.S. or even "world" stagflation should have opened your eyes to our serious plight. I have been stocking up on dried goods for quite some time when the prices are favorable in airtight containers, but now is the time to prepare. I am sure that you have already noticed food prices going up in conjunction with rising fuel prices which is being caused by the ban on oil exploration by our president.

I am not receiving any compensation from Jerome Corsi or World Net Daily, in fact, they don't even know who I am. I simply want to warn anyone who is willing to read this to start preparing for hyperinflation and perhaps something much worse if they don't stop destroying our economy with poor monetary policy!

I normally write about the "Christian Faith" that I have given my life to studying but this subject affects Christians and non-Christians alike.Please go to and look for this story.