Thursday, February 17

Satan-The Deceiver Of Mankind

The Nountaineer
It should be well-known in the Christian community that there is an impostor in our midst! His name is Satan which means "deceiver" which is amoung a number of other names that he has, but Satan is the one which I will focus on today. Satan wears many disguises and mimics many of the attributes and ways of God since he fell and was changed from Lucifer to Satan. It is my understanding, that this is true because since he "fell" he has always wanted to be like God and especially wants to be worshiped. The Occult consists of some of these perversions of the "Works Of  GOD". Dr. D. James Kennedy is the first person that I heard explain about how Satan perverted the "Story of Redemption" that is told in the constellations. This work of Dr. Kennedy is called "The Real Meaning of The Zodiac" which is available on CD and has a "Star Chart" of the constellations that is available at an additional charge. The circle of the constellations known as the zodiac, properly starts with the "virgin" or Virgo and proceeds around the elliptic telling the "Story of Redemption". This is but one of Satan's perversions!

Another one of his perversions is compared to what is called "numerology" in the occult. Within the Word of God are certain numbers that are used and repeated and only God knows and understands the true relationship between these numbers. Some of these numbers are : 40,12, 7, 9, 3, 4, 6, and others. I have done a personal study to try to understand the meaning of the numbers between 1 and 10 and have a simply superficial understanding or I should say belief of their basic meaning which I prefer to keep to myself.

There are many more ways that Satan has tried to pervert the plan of God through deception including the "unholy trinity" which will sometime in the future be played out. This includes the "anti-Christ, the false prophet, the beast, etc" which will be revealed after The Holy Spirit is taken out-of-the-way and since He is "The Restrainer" of evil, an incredible increase of evil will occur like has never been seen on Earth before that time!

Another form of deception that Satan uses is through the multitude of gods and religions that have existed throughout the millennia. This is used both as a method of providing confusion and also to fulfill his need and desire to be worshipped for there are demonic forces behind these false religions and gods. Satan works in these ways as an attempt to thwart the purposes of God but God always has the upper hand and works all things together for good, To The Glory Of God. You can be confident that God will always have His Way!

If any of you doubt the supernatural teachings in the Bible then you need to know that God has given to me the spiritual gift called "Discerning of Spirits" and I, as well as my sister, saw Satan appear right in front of my face one evening when I was 18. My wife was also in the well lighted room but she saw nothing. Satan became who he is when sin was found in him by God and he was cast out of Heaven. It was then that he lost his title as Lucifer and became Satan. Names in the Bible are descriptive and Satan means "deceiver" for he is the deceiver of mankind! When Lucifer fell and became Satan , he also went from being the most beautiful and powerful in all of God's creation to the most hideous in all of creation! He is still able to appear as an angel of light from time to time but when he appeared in front of me, his appearance was beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend! Hollywood has never even come close to portraying Satan as he really is!

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