Saturday, January 8

The Most Important Purpose In Life

P2040048 (2)It is all too true that this life has an enormous amount of challenges to overcome at one point or another for a particular person to achieve success, but we first need to define what  that is. I believe that we all have a purpose in life whether small or great in the eyes of man, it still matters that we find out what it is. The challenges begin basically at birth when we leave that most comfortable place in the whom, or to be more specific, when we begin that journey down and out. It is good that we do not remember that short trip which is like being squeezed out of a tube. yet not quite like toothpaste. It is traumatic enough to leave a baby looking rather unusual, to say the least. Thankfully we do not stay that way for long.Childhood can vary in so many ways these days since we are not given an owners manual when the little one arrives and we seem to emulate the people who we learned from during our formative years. That is where the great variations come in. It really matters where we are born and who takes the main responsibility to get the child up and running in a coherent way. Children are like sponges and will pick up everything that their environment exposes them to. That means we need to take great care and do our best with what we have to work with. If our parents were not very skilled then we have an even bigger problem to deal with. WE need to unlearn the bad habits that we were taught or exposed to as we grew up

. We in America have it much better than elsewhere, or at least that is how it used to be. Our country has changed greatly since the early 1800’s and is changing now faster than we can keep up with.
There are those in power who have been for decades implementing plans to remake this once great nation and they have succeeded in destroying once great centers of learning such as Princeton and Harvard and many others that were created to truly educate young people and train them to be ready to lead this great nation in the ways that made us great. That has all changed. We are dumbing  down America into a politically correct, second class nation and it is being done on purpose! American Universities have become second rate in the world and we now have to look overseas for fresh talent like from India who are actually teaching the sciences that are no longer being taught properly here. These so called leaders of ours would rather teach our children to have sex so that their main political contributors like Planned Parenthood will make lots of money killing all of the babies that these untaught children are producing. The unions are right in line with their deep pockets to grease the palms of these same politicians who are not leaders at all! Then there are those in Jolly wood who fill our children's minds the rest of the way with all of the filth and violence that works to destroy  nations, just like the once great Roman Empire They actually hate the America that we who are older once knew. Yes boys and girls, it has all been part of a greater plan to destroy this nation, a little at a time!

Now I need to get back to the thing that is really important in this life which is our purpose for being here to begin with. I spent much of my life not knowing what my purpose was. It was all very confusing to me as it probably is for many of you. Our primary purpose is to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Secondarily we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. If lived out then we would have the utopia on earth that so many people desire to have. The best we can do is to first get to know God. He wants to have a personal relationship with us. He is then willing to give us the personal direction that we have been missing all of our lives. Too many people these days are being brainwashed into thinking all kinds of false concepts including evolution. Those same politicians hate God and do not want the very pliable minds of our children to even have the chance to consider a different way of thinking and understanding of how we got here in the first place. Those in power know that once they reach adolescence their minds are pretty much set to reject any other way or thinking. Please give our children the opportunity to consider all of the possibilities, and then choose by making a really educated, informed decision, and they just might choose to believe the truth!

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