Sunday, March 20

Red Alert - U.S Headed For Economic Collapse

According to economist: John Williams from :"Shadow Government Statistics",The U.S  is headed for a Great Economic Collapse, on the outside, in 2014, if not already happening for the last 2 years, which are just the precursors. According to Williams, the Obama administration is about to repeat Jimmy Carters 1970's stagflation so get ready for the bumpy ride of a lifetime. It will be a "Global Economic Crisis" for you who are post Baby Boomer's, you will have never seen something like this before! There are strong indicators that it has already begun!
For the whole story, go to "Jerome Corsi's Red Alert" at:

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Anonymous said...

They have been talking about a collapse of the economy for a number of years now. We know that this is true, because it is in the Bible, but only God knows 'when'. We can't listen to these economists or the news, because a lot of it is hype and/or propaganda to cause fear. The Lord wants us to 'focus on Him and His Word'. If we focus on what's going on in the world we become anxious and fearful, and make decisions based on what we think is going to happen and when it might happen. If we just focused on the Lord (abide in Him) through reading His word and prayer, then he will let us know what were are to do, and when. Think of Peter walking on the water. When he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the storm, he began to sink.