Saturday, May 21

Judgement Day - Harold Camping

As many of you already know, both Christians and non-Christians alike, "Brother Camping" is just one more "Kook", out to set an un-set-able date to attract media attention primarily. I stumbled upon Harold Camping's radio program last year and marked the date on a scrap of paper and then found it about a month ago and transferred it to my current calendar as a reminder. Little did I know at the time, how much attention this old doom sayer would get. As a rather well-studied Christian, I knew immediately when I heard him the first time that this day would come and go as does any other day in our lives. The difficulty, is that this is just one more occasion for the secular media to have a field day at the expense of the Christian community's reputation! Hopefully, most people will understand that Camping is "just one more old fogey looking for publicity in his old age and should be "taken with a grain of salt".
Christ's return will indeed take place some day, first with the "catching away" (The Rapture) and then Christ's return to the Earth, at least 7 years later in Jerusalem on the "Mount of Olives", which will be the most spectacular event in human history! The Mount of Olives will" split in two", forming a valley in-between and many more incredible things will occur around that same time. I may delve into that subject at a later time.

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Anonymous said...

The rapture takes place at the 'last trump'.